Find a pattern at Creawelten

Once you found a pattern site at Ravelry you might want to download the pattern. CreaWelten patterns are usually not provided for download at Ravelry. Mamafri patterns are either only available upon email request at mamafri herself or downloadable from the CreaWelten gallery where they are attached to a picture.

(1) Pattern site at Ravelry

If the term "The pattern is available for free" is underlined this means it is linked to a place where the pattern can be downloaded by CreaWelten members. If it is not underlined no direct download is to be expected. And there will certainly be mistakes to this rule. Sorry about that.


(2) Pattern site at CreaWelten


(3) Pattern: Find the PDF file

One more thing to be mentioned: very often a PDF file contains more than one pattern. Thus the pattern site from each of the pattern at Ravelry lead to the same pattern site at Ravelry. But be happy: with one download you will get plenty of now inspiration and not just a single pattern ;-)


(4) Patterns in Threads

Yes, it is true: some patterns are hidden in threads. Most of them are "Spülirätsel": puzzles with 10 rows of written pattern revealed every day to finish a dishcloth in about a week. You find those pattern here:

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