Dishcloth with i-Cord edging

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I am trying to describe my method to create an i-Cord edging on all 4 sides of a dishcloth without picking up stitches.
All comments highly welcome: I need your feedback to improve the tutorial.

Step 1: Turkish Cast on + Start of i-Cord bind off

The Turkish Cast on is the easiest provisional cast on I am aware off. Feel free to cast on a few more stitches than needed. Once finished with the cast on you immediately start with the i-Cord bind off.

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Step 2: After the first iCord bind off

As soon as you have xxx sts. on your right needle after doing a ssk, place the last 3 sts. again back to the left needle and k3 (name sts. A, B, C). Re organize the 3 sts. on your right needle: from A, B, C to B, A, C. Those sts. are already the first 3 sts. of row 1.

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Step 3: 3 i-Cord stitches at the end of pattern row 1

k3, switch last and pre last stitch, put all three on LN, follow RS i-Cord pattern: k1 sl1 wyif k1. Now you already have the first 3 stitches of row 1.

Step 4: How to knit the i-Cord stitches in the main section of the dishcloth?

RS: k1 sl1 wyif k1 - main section - k1 sl1 wyif k1
WS: sl1 wyif k1 sl1 wyif - main section - sl1 wyif k1 sl1 wyif

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Step 5: start upper i-Cord bind off

#1: k1 sl1 wyif k1 (name sts. X, Y, Z)
#2: place Z back to left needle, now place X to left needle and last but not least Y.
#3: * k2, ssk, put stitches back to left needle repeat from * until you only have 3 sts. left on the left needle.

Step 6: Graft 3 + 3 stitches

You have 3 stitches on the left needle and 3 on the right needle. Graft the stitches together to close the i-Cord invisible.

Alternatively create a hook: knit an i-Cord for about 2 to 3 inches and graft the i-Cord stitches to the i-Cord border stitches.

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