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There are several options. The techniques I’ve liked the best have increased 2 sts on a RS row, followed by 2 more on a WS row. This makes for an increase that balances being fast enough to appear closed, with having enough yarn and sts to not create too much tension and have a hole form.

One option that I like is to do paired lifted increases, with the WS increases on the inside of the loop (to push the outer sts out more to naturally create the curve).

I’ve also seen kpk into 2 sts and kfbf into 2 sts, but I’m not as much of a fan of those because you get purl bumps.

My best advice is try out several to see what works well for your cables.

I use 2 increases depending on what I want it to look like. I got this one from the 3rd (I think it’s the 3rd) Barbara Walker Treasury: k1 tbl and then k1 in the same stitch, and then lift the vertical bar that forms between these two stitches (it’s actually a leg of the stitch being increased into), and k1 into it. Sometimes, if I need a purl stitch, I’ll work whatever increase stitch purlwise. I like this increase because it’s tightly closed up.

I’ve heard that increase called the centered double increase, and have done it when doing 2 centered increases to make 5 sts out of 1. Do you think it will work well for woolflower’s application where she’s trying to make 4 sts of of 1? She’d have to do 2 of these incs in a row to get her 4 additional sts.

btw, i’ve documented the increase you mentioned (including pics) on my blog here.

If I need another increase, especially if I’m working something in a field of purls and the middle stitch is going to be purled on the next row, I work k1, yo, k1 into the same stitch. It’s a bit looser and it works well stacked with the other one because it doesn’t distort any of the stitches below it, helping the “rope” of the cable look continuous. I use both of these increases stacked for the lovers’ knot afghan square in my projects.

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